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For 40 years, Winning Edge has been bringing our community the very best in Martial Arts Training. Our goal is to develop personal excellence in each one of our students.

The Martial Arts were originally aimed toward life preservation and self-defense, but today people of all ages come to us from all walks of life, each with their own reasons for wanting to train at the Winning Edge. Some want to learn self-defense, others want to compete in tournaments, some ask to become physically fit and others just want to have fun.

W.E. C.A.R.E.
In light of the escalating violence towards children and the increase in child abductions, WINNING EDGE has developed a program designed to teach children safety awareness, danger avoidance and the physical skills necessary to protect themselves and afford them an opportunity of escape.  Winning Edge Child Awareness and Rapid Escape provides the necessary skills children need to physically, mentally and most importantly, emotionally defend themselves from child predators.  It is our sincere hope that through our program we can deter these crimes against children and pray that their personal safety never becomes an issue.  All Instructors of the W.E.  C.A.R.E. program are certified and have undergone specialized training in the area of child safety. They are dedicated to teaching our children how to be personally strong involving their own safety and have been chosen for their demonstrated desire to protect our youth.

United States Black Belt Association
The Winning Edge is the headquarters of the United States Black Belt Association (U.S.B.B.A.).  This group of dedicated and talented Martial Artists proclaims the following mission statement:  “To resolutely encourage and empower all whom we teach, to reach their fullest life’s potential in mind, body, and above all, Spirit.  With God, all things are possible.”  Click here for more information on the U.S.B.B.A.

Fight Like a Girl
We teach you how to Fight Like a Girl…  Fight Like a Girl is a product of Brad Parker’s Women’s Self-Defense Institute.  His Rape Escape program includes specializes training designed specifically for women.  Several Winning Edge Black Belts are certified to deliver the Rape Escape/Fight Like a Girl program of instruction.

Our MMA Academy is kindly sponsored by the Free UFC Bet website, to whom we are eternally grateful.

Karate Andi feat. Gustav – Breakdancebattle // prod. by 7inch (16BARS.TV PREMIERE)

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World Combat Games 2013. DACK vs AHMED. Karate Men’s Kata. Bronze Medal.

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The Karate Kid – Everything Is Kung Fu.mp4

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Floyd Maywaether to take up a fight against Amir Khan

Floyd Mayweather can face Argentine Brawler Marcos Miadana in his upcoming clash. But he is promising Amir Khan for a fight in his last three remaining fights. Apparantly Mayweather is making a fool out of khan.

Mayweather who is looking to merge the WBA and WBC label in his fight on May 3 at MGM grand garden at Las Vegas with Maidana, Nevada was supposed to have assured Khan a date for a fight later on this year or in 2015.

Khan in an interview with the daily mail uttered that the unbeaten American called him 2 weeks before for a mark in his last three matches after his maidana match. Khan told in his daily mail that few weeks ago he called him up and said that how he was going on. It showed that he is a great respectful man away from the camera. Further he said that he will not get disappointed as he will be fighting with him who is a great star. Floyd told that he has three matches left in his carrier and he will fight with him. The fight will be happening.

Khan beforehand emerged as a favorite to clash Mayweather in his Cinco de Mayo attraction. But he was insulted in favor of maidana who is coming off an amazing undisputed verdict win over the star, Adrian Broner in December 2013.

The Briton even peaked the survey conducted by Mayweather’s site. Mayweather still went on to pick Maidana because of the publicity neighboring to the Argentine brawler.

The time when he ranked to the top of the pound for pound rankings, Mayweather has been conning every person. Mayweather sent a sequence of pictures to harass Manny Pacquio and his trainer Freddie Roach in December. But Pacquoi intelligently stayed off money May’s lure. But unluckily khan did not and he carelessly committed the similar error again and again. His actions give more reason for Mayweather and his camp to think that it is quite easy to make him a fool.

Polskie Karate – “Poczuj moc”

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Karate To Be Included In The SEA Games!

For the sake of Malaysia Sabah will be neglecting a great chance to bring gold medals home from Southeast Asia games which will be organized between June 5-16, 2015 in Singapore.

Subsequent to SEA Games Federation Council and neighboring organizing committee declared that the number of sports will be restricted to 36, exiting out karate, as several complaints has emerged from states, associations and countries.

In the view of Loh Beng Hooi, the Association President of karate Koi KK Sabah, it is not understandable as to why karate is not being included by the organizers into the sports events. A number of country’s karate federations and Asian Karate Federations are supporting the inclusion of martial arts in the sports.

Malaysia will loose a great occasion to take gold medal home, if karate is not included in next year’s sea games because they are expert in the field of karate.

Also the Sabahan Karatekas have the capability of bringing gold medals home but with the decision of sea games organizers to exclude karate in the next year, it is thought by Loh that this will be a huge loss for them and also for the country when spoken to, here yesterday.

Loh uttered that many Sabahan Karatekas have engrossed themselves in the National Team to support Malaysia on worldwide phase comprising the SEA games which would include Ricky Leong and Kata Virtuoso. Malaysia, like the others are continuously requesting the SEA Game organizers to count in Karate in the game list and have kept hopes that this will be taken into consideration by the next year.

The Sabahan Karatekas still will be involved with the 22nd world championship, Bremen 2014 on 5th-9th of November in Germany with several other international events and also the 2014 Asian Karatedo championship, even without being a part of sea games.