10-Year-Old With The Help Of Karate Avoided Abduction

A ten-year-old child is safe at home now; he fights off with his kidnapper.

The incident happened when the boy walked out into his home’s front yard when a strange man came with a motive of abduction grabbed him.

But, the man was unaware of the fact that, chile knew karate and he could fight back. When the 10 year old started using his karate tricks against the abductor, he has no option left leaving him. The name of the child is Sebastian Solache.

Narrating the story of his abduction, Solache said, “I was at the point where the black chair is headed to the van, before I could understand anything, all of a sudden a guy came close to me.”

He said, “The next thing, I knew was that the man had me in his arms.”

“When he started dragging me and I elbow him in the ribs. He got hurt and he ran after slamming me on the floor and ran,” said Solache.

Mother of Sebastian Flor did not hear any screaming about him.

She said, “I was busy in preparing something for Sebastian to eat, when got the noise of the door slam and lock it. I heard his cry with a panic attack; he told me that someone was trying to take me mommy”.

Flor says I was terrified and looked outside from the window to see if somebody is running away.

Sheriff Stephen the author of the city when heard about this incident, Stephen said that all parents of the Hall County have to be caution until the deputies locate this man and make it out as why he went after Sebastian.

However, as of Sebastian is concerned, he showed the bravery and self defense himself, it is a good spirit that he learnt from karate.