10-Year-Old With The Help Of Karate Avoided Abduction

A ten-year-old child is safe at home now; he fights off with his kidnapper.

The incident happened when the boy walked out into his home’s front yard when a strange man came with a motive of abduction grabbed him.

But, the man was unaware of the fact that, chile knew karate and he could fight back. When the 10 year old started using his karate tricks against the abductor, he has no option left leaving him. The name of the child is Sebastian Solache.

Narrating the story of his abduction, Solache said, “I was at the point where the black chair is headed to the van, before I could understand anything, all of a sudden a guy came close to me.”

He said, “The next thing, I knew was that the man had me in his arms.”

“When he started dragging me and I elbow him in the ribs. He got hurt and he ran after slamming me on the floor and ran,” said Solache.

Mother of Sebastian Flor did not hear any screaming about him. Read more »


Pedro Munhoz had a perfect 10-0 start to his career which includes four straight in the RFA.

Following that, he also won the promotion’s bantamweight title.

Once he was done defending the title, he got a shot in the UFC. He was brought back to the reality on ground in the UFC after his first four fights. His first in the UFC was against Raphael Assuncao and it came on such short notice thatit made him drop a decision.

In his next two fights, he came off victorious but his victory over Jerrod Sanders got overturned after he tested positive for testosterone from an outside origin.

In November 2015, he lost a split decision to Jimmie Rivera after a suspension. 2016 was however a very good year for Munhoz, which saw him winning both of his fights by guillotine choke.

He also won $50,000 performance bonuses in each of them. His opponents, Russell Doane and Justin Scoggins both experienced what it could be like to have the Brazilian cranking on their necks. Read more »


Patricky Freire who recently stopped Josh Thomson at Bellator 172, as he went on to earn his seventh knockout victory under the promotion’s banner on Feb. 18 in San Jose, Calif has given the credits to his karate coach.

Speaking to MMA fighting after he returned to Brazil, Freire stated that the fight was a good one, one which he came out of the cage unscathed, with little or no injuries. He also revealed that his prediction came true as the fight ended in the second round as he had predicted.

The closing period of the fight has however been said to be a bit controversial as the duo had clashed heads some seconds before the finish. Freire however does not factor this in as a major reason for the knockout.

He noted that he didn’t feel the clash of heads and thought Thomson had gone down due to the punch he stuck in.

Freire also disclosed the injury which forced him to pull out of a lightweight bout in Dec. 3 with Derek Campos, revealing that he was diagnosed with labyrinthitis. According to him, whenever he sparred, he felt dizzy and that got him scared. Read more »


The Lions Hearts Academy in Hazara Town in the outskirts of Quetta has a decent collection of girl fighters regularly meeting to hone their skills in Wushu martial arts.

The Hazara teenage girls clad in black, green and white clothes work hard to improve their skills.

The walls of the building, in a well-guarded part in the outskirts of Quetta, reverberate with karate grunts of the score of girls training in Wushu. The girls are all passionate about learning the arts, which started in ancient China with the aim to develop self-defence, hunting and military training.

“I love Karate and want to put my country on the map through sports. It was my dream to fight for the country in a foreign land,” 22-year old Jamila Mirza a student at the academy disclosed.

The girl fought in Iran earlier this year, winning a Peace and Friendship Karate Championship after fighting off competitors from India, Iran, Afghanistan and others. Read more »

Karate Program At YMCA Completes Over Three Decades

The Madison area YMCA had its karate program participants participate in Black Belt first degree competitions and many earned awards successfully.

The participants were Eric Camarata, Brian Vivas, Amanda Lyon and Giulia Arpino among others. As a result a formal ceremony was held. It was in the Madison area where four of the long term students in the adult category were awarded the first grade black belt awards. Some did in different degrees of the Black Belt as well. All four have been active and part of the karate program of the YMCA.

The karate program of the YMCA is presided over by Christopher J. Goedecke who is eighth degree black belt holder. He is also a renowned author and has been running the program at the YMCA for about 35 years. He has made the karate program in the Madison Area one of the longest running for the state as a whole. The Martial Arts program has helped many to be trained in the martial arts discipline, both young as well as old. Several have been exposed to the wonders of this ancient art from 1979, the time when it was established. Read more »

Canadian Newfoundland Karate Team And Its Feats

The team of Karate NL 2016 will be traveling to Saskatoon on May 26th to take part in the National Federation Championships of the traditional kind.

You will find several dedicated members in this team who are now part of Newfoundland and Labrador provincial team. The team would be having junior as well as senior athletes competing in respective events. These include black belt category as well. Those who would be part of the Canadian team would be traveling to take part in the World Championships that would be held in Poland.

The team has several youngsters who are eligible to take part in the World Championships. These include fourteen and seventeen year olds who are black belts and brown belt categories. There are green belt contestants who would also be representing the organization in Poland. Children are chosen as per qualification criteria. For adults, they need to win local and regional competitions in order to qualify. There are several like Michael Pinsent who has been pursuing karate for more than ten years. He has been taking part in the national level competitions for a while now. Michael feels that the competitions are important to test his skills as well as to meet friends that he has from different parts of the country who come to compete at the national level competitions. Read more »