Canadian Newfoundland Karate Team And Its Feats

The team of Karate NL 2016 will be traveling to Saskatoon on May 26th to take part in the National Federation Championships of the traditional kind.

You will find several dedicated members in this team who are now part of Newfoundland and Labrador provincial team. The team would be having junior as well as senior athletes competing in respective events. These include black belt category as well. Those who would be part of the Canadian team would be traveling to take part in the World Championships that would be held in Poland.

The team has several youngsters who are eligible to take part in the World Championships. These include fourteen and seventeen year olds who are black belts and brown belt categories. There are green belt contestants who would also be representing the organization in Poland. Children are chosen as per qualification criteria. For adults, they need to win local and regional competitions in order to qualify. There are several like Michael Pinsent who has been pursuing karate for more than ten years. He has been taking part in the national level competitions for a while now. Michael feels that the competitions are important to test his skills as well as to meet friends that he has from different parts of the country who come to compete at the national level competitions.

Many contestants feel that taking part in the national level competition helps to motivate participants to give their best. It is a competitive sport, but it also helps to make one humble as they learn from others. It hones competitive spirit as well as self-defense skills. There are many who athletes in multiple sports are. Coish is one such member who feels that karate helps one to learn how to control emotions and how to understand one’s abilities. Critch is the current manager and coach for the Canadian team. She was the first to win a world championship from her country, having won the title in 2004 in the competition that occurred in Switzerland.