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Young Emsley Selected To Represent Britain In World Championship

George Emsley recently changed the face of Karate in Great Britain when he won gold at the recent tournament. This young talent kicked and punched his way making it to the ultimate glory. This glory was well fought and he not only fought to win the medal but also won many hearts. This infant school pupil won the medals at the recent Federation of Sports Karate Championships held in Manchester. He won the medals as well as impressed the selectors of the federation.

After the game ended the federation gave him two medals and also selected him for representing the country in the world championship to be held later this year. Looking over the selection of the kid’s selection for the world championship his mom Jayne Emsley said to the press that she is proud of his kid. She also said that her child loves this sport and even at this age he was totally focused on his goal at hand. She said that he always looks to play this game and will be making sure that her son does well in the big stage. She also said that as a kid he was focussed and started practicing Karate from the age of 4.

Currently he trains in the Fight Club academy four times a week. His academy is situated in Bradford which is run by martial arts expert Keith Priestley. Mrs Emsley also stated that his son started his career in karate just to do something in the sport. He decided to take on this sport as his dad too was a part of this sport as a kid. The little kid has till date won 3 British titles and in the month of October he will be competing for the 4th one. This young kid will surely be having a great future.

Heavyweight Championship rematch rescheduled and European title out on line

Dereck Chisora as supposed to be going up against Tyson Fury for the heavyweight championship rematch. The match was supposed to be held at Excel Arena in London. However there has been a rescheduling of the match. A support bout has been announced instead by the promoter Frank Warren. This match will be held between Billy Joe Saunders and Chris Eubank Junior. Saunders will be defending his European title in this match up. The crowd is looking forward to the match as is visible from the sale of tickets. The arena shall be jam packed and the expected turn out is going to be quite huge.

Saunders and Junior have been involved in a number of brawls against one another. They have rarely missed a opportunity to hurl insults at one another. The growing enmity between the two will only be fuelled with the announcement of this match. While Saunders is a veteran and has won a number of titles at the national and international level, his opponent is a newbie. But neither of them lack in confidence. They believe that they can beat each other quite easily. The strength and agility of the two boxers will be tested to the extreme in this match. They have to outdo each other in every possible way to win the title. This is going to be an apt match for the title and thereby the crowd can be assured of a treat. Eubank has another match up against Jez Wilson before the big night. He will wish to fire all cylinders before the big day of his career. Saunders himself is sitting high on confidence at the back of a terrific win against Emanuele Blandamura. It was a one sided affair through out as the veteran demolished his opponent.

Floyd Maywaether to take up a fight against Amir Khan

Floyd Mayweather can face Argentine Brawler Marcos Miadana in his upcoming clash. But he is promising Amir Khan for a fight in his last three remaining fights. Apparantly Mayweather is making a fool out of khan.

Mayweather who is looking to merge the WBA and WBC label in his fight on May 3 at MGM grand garden at Las Vegas with Maidana, Nevada was supposed to have assured Khan a date for a fight later on this year or in 2015.

Khan in an interview with the daily mail uttered that the unbeaten American called him 2 weeks before for a mark in his last three matches after his maidana match. Khan told in his daily mail that few weeks ago he called him up and said that how he was going on. It showed that he is a great respectful man away from the camera. Further he said that he will not get disappointed as he will be fighting with him who is a great star. Floyd told that he has three matches left in his carrier and he will fight with him. The fight will be happening.

Khan beforehand emerged as a favorite to clash Mayweather in his Cinco de Mayo attraction. But he was insulted in favor of maidana who is coming off an amazing undisputed verdict win over the star, Adrian Broner in December 2013.

The Briton even peaked the survey conducted by Mayweather’s site. Mayweather still went on to pick Maidana because of the publicity neighboring to the Argentine brawler.

The time when he ranked to the top of the pound for pound rankings, Mayweather has been conning every person. Mayweather sent a sequence of pictures to harass Manny Pacquio and his trainer Freddie Roach in December. But Pacquoi intelligently stayed off money May’s lure. But unluckily khan did not and he carelessly committed the similar error again and again. His actions give more reason for Mayweather and his camp to think that it is quite easy to make him a fool.

Karate To Be Included In The SEA Games!

For the sake of Malaysia Sabah will be neglecting a great chance to bring gold medals home from Southeast Asia games which will be organized between June 5-16, 2015 in Singapore.

Subsequent to SEA Games Federation Council and neighboring organizing committee declared that the number of sports will be restricted to 36, exiting out karate, as several complaints has emerged from states, associations and countries.

In the view of Loh Beng Hooi, the Association President of karate Koi KK Sabah, it is not understandable as to why karate is not being included by the organizers into the sports events. A number of country’s karate federations and Asian Karate Federations are supporting the inclusion of martial arts in the sports.

Malaysia will loose a great occasion to take gold medal home, if karate is not included in next year’s sea games because they are expert in the field of karate.

Also the Sabahan Karatekas have the capability of bringing gold medals home but with the decision of sea games organizers to exclude karate in the next year, it is thought by Loh that this will be a huge loss for them and also for the country when spoken to, here yesterday.

Loh uttered that many Sabahan Karatekas have engrossed themselves in the National Team to support Malaysia on worldwide phase comprising the SEA games which would include Ricky Leong and Kata Virtuoso. Malaysia, like the others are continuously requesting the SEA Game organizers to count in Karate in the game list and have kept hopes that this will be taken into consideration by the next year.

The Sabahan Karatekas still will be involved with the 22nd world championship, Bremen 2014 on 5th-9th of November in Germany with several other international events and also the 2014 Asian Karatedo championship, even without being a part of sea games.

Jones not interested in Weidman super fight

Reigning Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Middleweight champion Chris Weidman is excited about the talk of a super fight between him and the current 205 lbs divisional title holder Jon Jones, but the Greg Jackson trained fighter is not so keen on taking on the challenge of the current Middleweight king.

Bones recently appeared for an interview a media publication and during the brief question and answer session, not only did Bones wave away talk of a super fight against Weidman, he also stated that the American is not a big enough name for a super fight.

Jones went on to mention that a lot of people were taking the name of the former All American but he doesn’t think of him as a big enough draw for pay per view audiences in a super fight. He also hinted that his countryman needs to make a name for himself first, fight against other world title holders before being considered as a strong enough opponent for him.

People might think from such comments that Bones is merely ducking the chance to fight against someone who defeated the legendary Anderson Silva twice, both by knockout in the last one year. However, that isn’t the case as Jones has repeatedly insisted that he would love to set up a super fight against the reigning UFC Heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez.

The Mexican American is currently nursing a shoulder injury after his win over Junior dos Santos in a title match last year and is expected to return to action in autumn. And with Jones taking on Glover Teixeira in a UFC Light Heavyweight Championship match at UFC 172, there is plenty of time for the UFC to get these two fighters to sit down and thrash out a deal for super fight later this year.

Mixed Martial Arts – The Use of Anabolic Steroids

Before going deeper into the topic it is important to mention how mixed martial arts – MMA – have become a sporting activity that gained the attention of a large number of viewers from all over the world. It is important to mention this because things as they look today are the result of this sport evolution.

At the beginning (more specifically in the 90s) mixed martial arts – MMA – was considered an underground sporting activity due to the mixed forms of attacks this one incorporated, from grappling to striking. These styles have determined it be seen as very violent and for this reason it didn’t gain its recognition as a sport worth presenting in official competitions.

With the 2000s however, this sport has become more visible to a larger audience and after a while it gained as well more credibility as a sport. As a result, new standards have been created to accommodate the rules of the mixed martial arts and also the needs of the public.

More than this, safety equipment has been designed to protect performers against various injuries. Once this sport has entered the attention of corporations, it started to gain as well sponsorships for in the end to be visible as a sport for Pay-Per-View television events. Now we are getting close to the topic of this article: the relation between anabolic steroids and mixed martial arts.

It is known that with every sport that gains a lot of public, there is as well a lot of money involved leading as such to two phenomena: one – the increasing performance of the participants and two – their needs to depend on drugs to enhance that performance out there in the fight ring. As a matter of fact, two professionals were recently banned from the competition because they have been found using Drostanolone and Nadrolone Metabolite.

It is the big prize (hundreds of thousands of dollars) that determines many participants to use drugs and enhance as such their performance. So, no more do they fight for a small check and for this reason alone it is worth taking these anabolic steroids without minding the consequences. Some of the mostly favored drugs are Mibolerone and Halotesten which lead to the feelings of increased strength and aggression making the show more spectacular for the audience.