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Karate saves a 5 year old kid’s life

A 5 year old boy has become one of the youngest Karate black belts in the world. It is surprising given the fact that the kid is battling through juvenile arthritis. The kid Jake Frood took in martial art when he was just 3 years of age after seeing the popular film The Karate Kid.

The young kid from Leeds in West Yorkshire entered at the National Martial Arts College of the city and now expects to be totally trained teacher by the time he is ten years old. In spite of suffering from joint stiffness because of his health condition, he has achieved one of the top accolades of the sport.

His mom Kerry Frood, 31, stated that he saw the Karate Kid film and he really loved it and has just gone from strength to strength. At his age, there none who has got a black belt. It is just not believable and without martial arts her son would not be the person he is today. He added that people just could not believe that how young he is and he is very small for his age too.

Jake is just there ft tall. Recently, he was awarded his black belt after completing a toilsome challenge that included a 2 mile run as well as 4 hour martial arts test.

Ms Kerry Frood, who is a nurse, stated that when Jake was 1st diagnosed with arthritis at 3 years old, his legs were very weak. He tried physiotherapy, but he found it very tough.

Five year old earn black belt in karate

A five year old boy from England has become one of the youngest ever in history to earn a black belt in karate despite struggling throughout his life with arthritis in its juvenile form.

And The Karate Kid, the cult movie that has influenced generations before him, Jake Frood also took to the martial arts form after watching film. The boy from the West Yorkshire city of Leeds first enrolled into the National Martial Arts College in the city and now harbors hopes of becoming the youngest trainer in the history of the combat sports by his tenth birthday. Read more »

Why big sites are good for your bet

Why is it a good idea to place you sports bet at one of the big sites? We show it to you and give you some important tips.

Every gambling and every sports fan knows sports betting. Every game is far more interesting with a good bet, since you can not only cheer for your team, you also can win a heap of money should they win. The choice of the right online betting site is key when you really want to enjoy your game – and your winnings.

You choose your favorite sports team with great care and you should do so with your online betting home base. We recommend to choose one of the big sites, like TitanBet, because there your bet will be safer and have more value than with some backwater brand running on homebrewed software. It’s really quite like sports – it is no coincidence that the big teams win big.

An A-rank sports team has better training facilities, bigger stadiums, a broader range of merchandise – it is an allround better deal for players, investors, and fans. Big sports betting sites are the same in many aspects.

Their bigger budget enables them to offer you better deals, to broker better partnerships with the sports associations and to secure their site far better against hacker attacks that any small time provider ever could. When you want your money and data to be safe while betting big money on big games, you best do so at a large site.

Take TitanBet for instance. This online betting site is one of the biggest players in the sports betting ballpark. Their software provider is named Playtech, a company widely known as the market leader of casino, poker and sports betting software – there simply is no bigger team to play on. So, if you want to be a winner, team up with a winning site – it’s the smart thing to do.


There are many organizations around the world who teach interested people the art of karate. One such organization is the Sendai Kushro Karate Club. It is one of the oldest karate schools in the world, having started off in 1967. They were in the news recently, because they are in dire need of a uniform, which is needed if you plan to compete in a tournament or event of any sort. The uniform provides an organization with club identity, and it is essential for taking part in competitions.

The karate club is among the oldest Shotokan clubs in the country, and they have signed up with the Wish Sport campaign. This campaign comes with a cash prize of a whopping £30,000, and is hoping that they will win the campaign. They have tied up with the Chronicle, which carries tokens, that readers can collect, and in this way, support the team. The printing of the tokens in the paper will be carried on till the month of September, and anyone and everyone can help the club win, by collecting the tokens. The procedure of the campaign is that, the club which manages to accumulate the most number of tokens will win the largest chunk of the aforementioned sum of money. The rest of the clubs who are taking part will win a share. Basically, no one is going to walk away empty-handed.

The Wish Sport campaign this time is different than the rest. This year, the campaign is only supporting sports clubs in the region, and promoting their welfare, and nothing else. The campaign has been appreciated in many ways, and everyone is of the opinion that this campaign is going to help sports clubs and karate clubs get ahead in the game, and most importantly, serve their purpose to the farthest extent possible.

Lyoto Machida keen on Gustafsson

With the reigning Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones dislocating his big toe and seemingly on the sidelines for some time, the current number one contender for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship Lyoto Machida is almost certain to take on Alexander Gustafsson to determine a clear contender for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship and decide once and for all who gets to face Jon Jones for a shot at the coveted title.

Speaking on UFC Tonight just this week, the Brazilian former UFC Light Heavyweight champion stated that the match between him and the Swedish fighter actually makes a lot of sense. He stated that it is the best decision that can be made at this moment, considering he is the number one contender and Gustafsson is the number two contender for the title and the winner will be the rightful fighter to take on Bones for the title.

The Swedish fighter has already given his nod of approval for the fight and although the UFC is yet to acknowledge they are thinking of pitting the two fighters against each other, they have been known to be planning for a Lyoto Machida versus Jon Jones match in Brazil for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship.

Gustafsson is a young fighter with a record of 7-1 in the UFC and is on a streak of six wins in a row. And with Jones eager to take the hard hitting Swedish fighter on as per his own admission, this match will actually make the most sense because the UFC can’t backtrack on their promise of a title shot to Lyoto Machida. With the option of pitting the two against each other to determine the number one contender, the UFC might just do itself a big favor with this fight.

Martial arts betting tips

Martial arts are extremely popular all over the world for many reasons, the skill and dedication it takes to master these arts is huge and so watching people who are of a high level can be incredible. For this reason there are many sparing matches being held every week where amateurs test their skills against each other.

However there is also a professional scene also where the best of the best come together in order to do the same. Just like that of boxing there are many people who like to place bets on these fights too, and it has never been easier to do so. Read more »