Egypt wins World Karate Federation Premier League

The winner of this year’s World Karate Federation Premier League is Egypt.

The competition was held in Sharm El-Sheikh. The competition was held under the aegis of Al-Ahram org and was supported by Ibrahim Mehleb, the prime minister of Egypt. Egypt was the overall winner and Turkey and UAE got the second and third place respectively. Egypt won six gold medals and thirteen bronze and four silver medals. Turkey was able to get five gold medals and four bronze and three silver medals. UAE managed to get two gold medals and one bronze medal.

38 countries took part in this competition and the total number of individual participants was 464. It was for the first time that this competition was held in one of the Arabian countries and the vice president of the national Karate federation of Egypt, Mohieddin Ahmed who is also the organising committee’s head, has said that it was an honour for his country to be able to play host to this competition. This competition takes place eight times in one year.

In the year 2013, Karate world congress was held at the same time when the World Championship was going on. Germany hosted the competition that year. That year, Mohieddin Ahmed said that because Egypt has world champion karatekas, it should be given a chance to play host to this competition. In the youth category and in the under 21 category Egypt is currently in the topmost position in World Karate. In the senior category, Egypt holds the fourth rank. The president of the National Karate Federation of Egypt, Ayman Abdel Hamid has said that it is an honour for Egypt to be in the aforementioned positions. Egypt will also play host to the under 21, Junior and Cadets World Championship in the year 2017. The competition will be held in Cairo in 2017