There are many organizations around the world who teach interested people the art of karate. One such organization is the Sendai Kushro Karate Club. It is one of the oldest karate schools in the world, having started off in 1967. They were in the news recently, because they are in dire need of a uniform, which is needed if you plan to compete in a tournament or event of any sort. The uniform provides an organization with club identity, and it is essential for taking part in competitions.

The karate club is among the oldest Shotokan clubs in the country, and they have signed up with the Wish Sport campaign. This campaign comes with a cash prize of a whopping £30,000, and is hoping that they will win the campaign. They have tied up with the Chronicle, which carries tokens, that readers can collect, and in this way, support the team. The printing of the tokens in the paper will be carried on till the month of September, and anyone and everyone can help the club win, by collecting the tokens. The procedure of the campaign is that, the club which manages to accumulate the most number of tokens will win the largest chunk of the aforementioned sum of money. The rest of the clubs who are taking part will win a share. Basically, no one is going to walk away empty-handed.

The Wish Sport campaign this time is different than the rest. This year, the campaign is only supporting sports clubs in the region, and promoting their welfare, and nothing else. The campaign has been appreciated in many ways, and everyone is of the opinion that this campaign is going to help sports clubs and karate clubs get ahead in the game, and most importantly, serve their purpose to the farthest extent possible.