Karate Might Soon Be A Part Of Olympics 2020

The Japan national Press club in Tokyo held a press conference where the president of World Karate federation, Antonio Espinos was witnessed speaking his views and thoughts. There have been a great enthusiasm and push to make Karate a part of the Tokyo Olympics that is scheduled to be for 2020.

There have been made reforms by the IOC which has shown karate officials a silver lining. Stronger hopes and faith is being made that martial art could be added to the Tokyo games. The two parties- 2020 organizers and the world karate Federation are meeting together, so that the case for supporting karate can be put forth. Antonio, the president of the world karate Federation has said that Karate is a sport that is strongly significant for Japanese and has been based on its roots.

The world karate federation has joined hands with the Japanese karate Federation and is trying every possible way that will ensure that Karate is a part of the Olympics in 2020.

According to the new reformed rules that have been made by the IOC there will not be restriction on the number of sports and thus giving opportunity for new sports to be a part of the event. There will rather be a cut short in the number of events that will be held. Another provision has been made that the cities that will be hosting the games can include one or more events for their games. The World Karate federation have said that there are a number of practitioners and it is not possible for everyone to be successful. However, after having failed attempts in 2012 and 2016 Olympics, they are hoping that karate will make it for the 2020 games. Karate is a popular sport in Japan that does not require any special requirements and venue and so can be an attractive event to be included.