Karate Program At YMCA Completes Over Three Decades

The Madison area YMCA had its karate program participants participate in Black Belt first degree competitions and many earned awards successfully.

The participants were Eric Camarata, Brian Vivas, Amanda Lyon and Giulia Arpino among others. As a result a formal ceremony was held. It was in the Madison area where four of the long term students in the adult category were awarded the first grade black belt awards. Some did in different degrees of the Black Belt as well. All four have been active and part of the karate program of the YMCA.

The karate program of the YMCA is presided over by Christopher J. Goedecke who is eighth degree black belt holder. He is also a renowned author and has been running the program at the YMCA for about 35 years. He has made the karate program in the Madison Area one of the longest running for the state as a whole. The Martial Arts program has helped many to be trained in the martial arts discipline, both young as well as old. Several have been exposed to the wonders of this ancient art from 1979, the time when it was established.

There are students who have trained for several years, more than a decade like Giulia Arpino. Some joined the program when they were only five years old. The training standards differ among different schools of martial arts. The standards of Japanese and Okinawa are more difficult to accomplish as several skill levels need to be achieved before the first level of Black Belt can be achieved. For that reason this school is coveted and there are students who have been training for several years. Others are inspired by the school’s long standing reputation and many in the area look forward to signing up or putting their children into such a school of art.