Karate saves a 5 year old kid’s life

A 5 year old boy has become one of the youngest Karate black belts in the world. It is surprising given the fact that the kid is battling through juvenile arthritis. The kid Jake Frood took in martial art when he was just 3 years of age after seeing the popular film The Karate Kid.

The young kid from Leeds in West Yorkshire entered at the National Martial Arts College of the city and now expects to be totally trained teacher by the time he is ten years old. In spite of suffering from joint stiffness because of his health condition, he has achieved one of the top accolades of the sport.

His mom Kerry Frood, 31, stated that he saw the Karate Kid film and he really loved it and has just gone from strength to strength. At his age, there none who has got a black belt. It is just not believable and without martial arts her son would not be the person he is today. He added that people just could not believe that how young he is and he is very small for his age too.

Jake is just there ft tall. Recently, he was awarded his black belt after completing a toilsome challenge that included a 2 mile run as well as 4 hour martial arts test.

Ms Kerry Frood, who is a nurse, stated that when Jake was 1st diagnosed with arthritis at 3 years old, his legs were very weak. He tried physiotherapy, but he found it very tough.