Mixed Martial Arts – The Use of Anabolic Steroids

Before going deeper into the topic it is important to mention how mixed martial arts – MMA – have become a sporting activity that gained the attention of a large number of viewers from all over the world. It is important to mention this because things as they look today are the result of this sport evolution.

At the beginning (more specifically in the 90s) mixed martial arts – MMA – was considered an underground sporting activity due to the mixed forms of attacks this one incorporated, from grappling to striking. These styles have determined it be seen as very violent and for this reason it didn’t gain its recognition as a sport worth presenting in official competitions.

With the 2000s however, this sport has become more visible to a larger audience and after a while it gained as well more credibility as a sport. As a result, new standards have been created to accommodate the rules of the mixed martial arts and also the needs of the public.

More than this, safety equipment has been designed to protect performers against various injuries. Once this sport has entered the attention of corporations, it started to gain as well sponsorships for in the end to be visible as a sport for Pay-Per-View television events. Now we are getting close to the topic of this article: the relation between anabolic steroids and mixed martial arts.

It is known that with every sport that gains a lot of public, there is as well a lot of money involved leading as such to two phenomena: one – the increasing performance of the participants and two – their needs to depend on drugs to enhance that performance out there in the fight ring. As a matter of fact, two professionals were recently banned from the competition because they have been found using Drostanolone and Nadrolone Metabolite.

It is the big prize (hundreds of thousands of dollars) that determines many participants to use drugs and enhance as such their performance. So, no more do they fight for a small check and for this reason alone it is worth taking these anabolic steroids without minding the consequences. Some of the mostly favored drugs are Mibolerone and Halotesten which lead to the feelings of increased strength and aggression making the show more spectacular for the audience.